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  • Crystal clear resin for mould casting
Name:Crystal clear resin for mould casting
Shore hardness:85D
Mix viscosity:500+30MPA.S
Colour:Clear and transparent
Usable time:60-120min(25℃)
Hardening time:Initial hardening time:12hour。Final hardening time:36-48hour
Storage temperature time:15-25℃
Performance:Fast curing,can be polished,heat resistant,bubble-free,no yellow,safe and easy to useThickness: 5 cm,Save time and effort

Product Description



  • ARTISAN APPROVED QUALITY -  Premium clear epoxy resin and hardener allows you to create beautiful pieces with a glass-like finish and no yellowing over time. Popular for DIY art, tabletop coating, mold casting, canvas, coasters and jewelry making.

  • BUBBLE-FREE, NO YELLOWING - Are you tired of dealing with the frustration of bubbles and uneven finishes in your resin projects? Our advanced formula is an innovation on the epoxy resin market. 

  • CERTIFIED, FOOD SAFE - Craft Resin epoxy made with a minimal odor, non-toxic, free of VOCs & solvent materials - food grade epoxy resin perfectly formulated for home and professional use. Harmless to you and the environment, when used as directed.

  • FAST CURING, HEAT RESISTANT - It takes only 24 hours for our crystal epoxy resin to cure. After this time it becomes rock hard, scratch resistant, advanced additive resistant to heat up to 203℉ (95℃). You’re going to have a crystal clear, glassy smooth finish which will last for years.

  • EASY TO USE, 1:1 RATIO - Our two part epoxy resin kit is simple to use, even for beginners. 

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